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As with any other possession, whether it's clothing or cars, there are trends in real estate that come and go. These trends eventually make their way down through the levels of home ownership, and mark a property as "clearly hot" or "clearly not." If you're planning on selling or buying, it might be wise to take a look at current "out" trends such as these.
First of all, swimming pools? Not such a big deal anymore. More home buyers today are thrilled with a huge backyard, and not as thrilled with the fact that it's taken up by a huge tiled pool. Although once the symbol of opulent luxury, a swimming pool in the backyard nowadays tends to label your property. It makes it suitable for a certain type of buyer- and the right buyer may very well pay big bucks for it- but it can take away from the general market appeal of a home. Today's family wants a big yard with lots of potential for landscaping, jungle gyms, or gardens; and an inset swimming pool removes that potential.
Another trend that is suddenly disappearing from the market is the age-old trend of bay windows. These high-maintenance windows, while beautiful from both inside and out, can be a negative on today's market. That doesn't mean having one will lower your property value, but if you're considering installing one, you might want to think again. The more glass in a window, the more likely it is to break, be broken into, and leak warm air during the cold months. If you have a bay window, make sure it's properly sealed and has good insulation, and try to plate it with the heaviest glass you can afford.
Another "trend" on its way out, although it's so old it can hardly be called a trend, is carpeting. Home owners today are conscious of the fact that carpet styles come and go, but wood floors will always remain. Carpeted rooms require more maintenance than wood floors, and cost more money; a carpet wears out and goes out of style much more quickly than a wood floor. If your house has carpet over floors that you'd just as soon not expose, installing wood floors for the sake of higher property value can be a tremendous expense. In that case, the shrewd home seller may simply choose to re-carpet. If you go this direction, make sure to pick a durable carpet that wears well and doesn't adhere to any particular style.
Whether you're buying, selling, or building, the best advice is to keep an eye open for what's popular today, and use those trends as starting points when it comes to making decisions about your house. Each property is different, and each home owner has his own sense of style. In the end, regardless of trends, it all boils down to what works for the home, as well as for the people living inside it.

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